6 Advantages of Living in a Green Home


The demand for green homes is growing. According to information gathered by Statista, the U.S green-building market is currently sized at over $85 billion. A green home is defined as one that is designed and built to be sustainable, friendly to the environment and efficient in its use of energy.


There are many benefits that come with establishing a greener living environment. Here are six advantages to living in a green home:


Reduced Energy Bills: Green homes are built to lower indoor temperatures in the summer and retain warmth in the winter. They accomplish this via superior insulation. A green home’s ductwork is tight, and its doors and windows are carefully sealed. By reducing the variability of indoor temperatures, green homes minimize energy bills Efficient lighting and appliances also play a role in this and green buildings utilize appliances that are built to deliver frugal energy consumption.


Reduced Water Bills: Reduced water consumption is a key aspect of green home design. These homes utilize features such as low-flow faucets dual-flush toilets and water-saving irrigation systems to minimize water use. This results in less money spent each month on water.


Healthier Home Environment: Sick building syndrome is used to describe ailments and conditions caused by toxic indoor environments In many homes outgassing from certain building materials compromises air quality in ways that negatively impact the health of the building’s occupants. Skin irritation, headaches, fatigue and gastrointestinal complaints are all symptoms of sick building syndrome. Green homes are constructed using non-toxic materials, and this creates an indoor environment that is conducive to health. Many green homes also offer superior ventilation systems that are designed to bring clean air in from the outdoors instead of recycling stale indoor air.


Cost Savings: Green homes are built to be more durable than the average residence. This means overtime, less money is spent on repair and maintenance. Many states also offer tax incentives for green home construction, and this will save you money in building costs.


Improved Resale Value: These days many home buyers are aware of the benefits offered by green homes, and they know these homes can support their health and save them money in energy and utility expenses. For these reasons, green homes are popular on the real estate market. Studies have shown that a property’s resale value can increase by as much as 5 percent if it offers green technology.

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