Is a better management of resources and energy the key for our future growth?

The economic benefits of energy efficiency extend beyond the reduction of utility bills and energy consumption. Within the value chain, efficiency investments can equate to gains in areas outside of industry and enterprises. With proper resource and energy utilization, there are great contributions that can be felt in terms of livelihood, social and economic development.

What most people don’t realize is a resource efficient nation is able to manage the parameters of sustainable energy flow along with the supply and production of energy and resources. The process of emphasizing better management of resources and energy for future growth entails the process of not only conserving energy but also controlling and monitoring its usage.

Throughout history, economic growth has had a dynamic relationship. The correlation between population and industrial growth has not always been kind to the environment. From rapid consumption of resources to technological innovations that have raised capital and infrastructure development. However, with the advances in science and technology, improvements in manufacturing, transportation, mining and other industries have been ushered into society. Central to all of this is energy which has fuelled growth and development. However, as production continues to expand and increase, more emphasis has been placed on efficient use of energy and resources and utilization of alternative energies to preserve the world’s existing resource supply.

Policy Development for Conservation

One of the ways to create an energy balance is to have clearly defined energy policies that can be used to identify standards and resource management opportunities. In order to ensure sustainable economies and industries, resource and energy stewardship is of primary importance. With adequate policy systems, we can create conditions that promote environmentally sound resource management practices and device long-term investment plans that will increase industry productivity without stifling the permanence of energy and resources.


In Australia, one of the initiatives undertaken by the Australian government is the establishment of Australian National Conference on Resources and Energy (ANCRE) which is organized by the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE). As the only national conference sponsored by the government, this event provides a platform for industry leaders, policy makers, experts and stakeholders to come together to discuss both national and international issues critical to the future of Australia’s resources and energy sector.

Resource and energy conservation and management is a practice that will affect all major industries including infrastructure and business development. In order to successfully manage energy resources for future sustainability and growth, everyone has a significant role to play.

By better management of our resources is at the core of sustainable social and economic development, to name a few. In order to secure positive economic growth and security of human needs and the well-being of future generations, resource management concerns need to be integrated comprehensively in all aspects of daily life.

Energy is necessary for survival and the future development of Australia depends on the long-term availability of resources. As primary sources of energy being used today are mainly non-renewable – peat, coal, natural gas and conventional nuclear power – energy efficiency need to be at the forefront of national initiatives for sustainable development.


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