Planning and Organizing A National Conference On Resources

I’m in charge of organising one of the biggest government-funded conferences in the country next month – the National Conference on Resources and Energy. With debates raging over climate change and maintaining a more sustainable environment, and with all the drama of the current national election still looming in the air, this conference is set to be one of the calendar year’s most important events.

The conference will be attended by some of the nation’s most prominent leaders, and feature a range of guest speakers from all over the world. It’s a significant union of some of the world’s most important experts and leaders, discussing a crucial issue as big as the current environmental crisis.

To say that organising an event of this scope is daunting is an understatement – I’ve never coordinated a conference quite as big as this! But I know I want everything to run as smoothly as possible, with no headaches and no dramas. (I’ll leave that to the politicians.)

My government body is based in Melbourne, and the two-day conference is running in Canberra. I have a lot of equipment that needs to make the journey up to our nation’s capital, and I want it to arrive as efficiently and safely as possible. My belongings have never needed to travel so far, and with a lot of expensive projectors, lighting equipment, microphones, computers and speakers that need to be transported, I don’t want to risk damages by driving them up myself or checking them in at the airport. This is a big deal for my position as well as being a significant national event – I don’t want to mess this up!

A colleague suggested hiring interstate removalists, and I found out about Santa Fe Wridgways pretty quickly. It was a no-brainer – I wanted to move all my equipment as efficiently and safely as possible, and leaving it to a team of professionals was my best bet. I have zero experience moving anything across state lines, let alone a semi-trailer’s worth of audio-visual equipment. And the relocation team has already put my mind at ease – with access to appropriate transportation and packing materials, I know my belongings will arrive in Canberra safe and sound. The removalists also mentioned that they transport equipment of this nature on a regular basis, so with that level of experience I knew I was in good hands. There’s no risk of me taking a trip to the chiropractor either!

The National Conference on Resources and Energy is set to be a big one, and while overwhelmed at the prospect or organising an event of this size, I am relieved to know that all my belongings will be waiting for me when I arrive, and in perfect condition. I have a million and one other things I have to worry about for this conference – and at least I know that relocating all of my equipment won’t be one of them!

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