How Solar Power is the Future for Remote Cameras


Security cameras are vital tools used to ensure maximum security and safety. Solar powered security camera technology has been an increasingly popular because of the benefits it offers. The cameras come with a charging panel that absorbs sunlight and converts it to energy that powers the devices.

The issue of security is one that is relevant in all sectors and industries. From national defence to information and technology, keeping sites and locations secure is an investment which an organisation would do well not to neglect.

These days, people are becoming more environmentally conscious and this is evident in the rise of hybrid cars, recycling movement and alternative sources of power.


Increasing Popularity of Solar Power


Security surveillance has become more expensive especially because of the rising cost of electricity. The primary type of camera found in the market – electric-powered security devices – has become impractical because of issues that range from faraway locations, power shortage, and abundant wiring requirements.

Solar energy has transformed the industry and has found its place in high-security areas or those that require 24-hour surveillance. Solar powered surveillance cameras pay for themselves in the long run because it uses free power from the sun and doesn’t require expensive or complex wiring maintenance. The system can transmit footage wirelessly across long distances utilising only power from the sun.

Another strong quality of cameras fitted with solar panels involves its broad functionality. Solar-powered cameras are applicable in practically all locations. They can provide security mechanisms to both private households to big enterprises. They’re most advantageous in areas that are widely dispersed or environments which are geographically challenging.


Solar Powered Cameras Have a Bright Future

solar power construction building site cameras security

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, practicality and minimal maintenance requirements, there have been major innovations in the field of solar-powered video systems which have enhanced the usefulness of security cameras for surveillance purposes.

The newest technologies in surveillance systems have increased the accuracy of monitoring, enforcement, and management. Solar cameras can be outfitted with a range of useful smart features that include the following:

  •         Connection via both cellular and Wi-Fi connections
  •         Portability (easy transfer and reuse)
  •         Secure Login with desktop and mobile dashboard
  •         Remote arm and disarm functions
  •         Automated Email alerts
  •         Real-time HD live view for remote monitoring

As solar security cameras don’t need electricity to function, they are easy to install and relocate from site to site. Security is integral to both your safety and peace of mind; protect what you have worked hard to build by using only the best solar powered security system camera. For more information on solar security cameras, contact ANCRE today.

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